After 20 successful years of business, it is time to bid farewell to Consigning Closets. This was a bittersweet decision as so many of you have been with us for many years. Whether you consigned, volunteered, or shopped at our events, you were an integral part of our success! We are also grateful for SonRise Baptist Church as they have been so gracious to allow us to host our events year after year. As we close this chapter, we wish you God's blessings and all the best!

Sincerely, Vicki Powell


Why Consign?

Because Children outgrow their clothing, toys, and miscellaneous items; and let's not forget about those Expectant Mothers - they, too, outgrow their clothes and maternity related items! When you consign, the money earned can go toward equipping your kids for the next season. Imagine not having to haggle with buyers at yard sales, or deal with the posting & shipping challenges of selling online. It's an easy way to earn money (consign items) and save money (purchase items - up to 90% off retail prices!) Consigning Closets has been in business for over a decade and is highly organized and efficiently operated. In addition, our host facility, SonRise Baptist Church, is centrally located and we advertise extensively which means your items are more likely to sell! Consignor space is limited and registration closes once capacity has been reached. As a way to inform and equip Consignors, we have provided the following Consignor Information and Preparation Instructions for Consignment Items so that you can properly and efficiently prepare your items - presentation matters and quality items that are reasonable priced typically sell!

Consignor Information


You will be asked a few questions and a signature will be required. IF you have any items priced $10 or higher, please submit the Items $10 or Higher form online no later than Drop-Off day. Bring TWO (2) self-addressed stamped #10 envelopes (business size only - please no small or odd size envelopes! #10 ONLY!) OR if you prefer, we will deduct $1.50 from your Consignor check.

When will I get my Consignor Number?

Upon receipt of Consignor Registration and Payment, we will issue a Consignor Number via email. IF you participated in the last Sale AND elected to Pre-Register when you checked-in, then you are already registered for the next Sale as the SAME Consignor Number. If you DID NOT participate in our most recent Sale (even if you Pre-Registered when you last participated) you need to register for a NEW number and will need to pay the registration fee. Registration fees help us cover our ever increasing fixed costs of hosting and promoting the Sale. Therefore, your fee AND Consignor Number are good for the current Sale only, EVEN if you miss the Sale or otherwise cannot participate. The ONLY way to keep the SAME number from Sale-to-Sale is to Pre-Register when you check-in on Drop-Off Day.

Payment Policy

Payment will be mailed within THREE weeks of the Sale date. Consignors earn 70% of selling price (If you dropped off on Thursday, 10:00am - 4:00pm). Wednesday, 9 pm Drop-n-Dash Consignors earn 60% of selling price. Thursday Drop-n-Dash, as well as drop-offs after 4pm on Thursday, earn 50% of selling price.

What is Drop-n-Dash?

Drop-n-Dash Consignors prepare their consignment items and are required to go through the screening process; however, they save time by not having to place their items on the Sales floor - we do it for them so they are able to do as the name implies - "Drop-n-Dash"! Many like this option because it allows them to drop-off on Wednesday, 9 pm (no appointment needed).

Important Dates & Private Sale Info

Refer to Next Sale Info Page and mark your calendar for Consignor drop-off and pick-up dates. If you are unable to attend the Private Sale you may give your Preview Pass to someone else (one shopper per pass).

Merchandise Credit & Exclusive Shopping Privileges

Please consider volunteering for a shift. Volunteers earn Merchandise Credit and Exclusive Shopping Privileges! Refer to the Volunteer Page for details.

What do I need to bring to the Sale?

  1. Two self-addressed stamped envelopes (one for payment and one for next Sale notification --- only #10 business size envelopes will be accepted - please no small or odd size envelopes!) Envelopes will ONLY be accepted at check-in. If they are not provided at that time, $1.50 will be deducted from sale earnings to cover cost of envelopes and postage. To help avoid lost or misdirected mail, please PRINT legibly and do NOT put your Consignor number anywhere on the envelope!
  2. For those who are consigning any items priced $10 and higher, you will need to submit a list of these items using our Online Form.

You have tagged and prepared your items, BUT WAIT!- one more thing (before drop-off)! Prior to arriving at drop-off, it is imperative that clothing be sorted by gender and size (i.e. boy 3 months, 6 months, etc.). If your items are not in order you will be asked to step aside and organize them before going through the screening process.

Consignor Drop-Off & Check-In

You may unload your items in the circular drive, but then you MUST park your car in the parking lot before checking in. After check-in, you will go through the screening process and place your non-clothing items on the sale's floor. Note: Only Consigning Closets team members will be permitted in the clothing section.

Preparation Instructions for Consignment Items
(Tagging Supplies, Pricing Guidelines, Tagging Examples & Instructions, Lists of Unacceptable/Acceptable Items, Large Item Bulletin Board Instructions)



Pay very close attention to the instructions on how to tag your items. Your tags are how you get credited for the sale at our checkouts and how you get paid. At EVERY Sale we see tags that are unreadable, have a price but no Consignor number, have the Consignor number but no price, have additional numbers on them (against our policy and very confusing at checkout), etc., etc. PLEASE take the time to make your tags simple and readable. This makes our job easier AND helps ensure that you get credited properly for all of your items that sell!!

The first step in preparing your items is to make sure you have the following "Tagging Supplies" on hand. Next, you will need to determine if you will be using the Tag Template (preferred) or index cards for your tags. Refer to Downloads Page.

Tagging Supplies

  • Cardstock or Index Cards

  • Tagging Gun (optional) Note: If you use a tagging gun be sure to attach tag to inside clothing label; otherwise, it may put holes in clothing. After attaching tag to clothing label, be sure it's visible and not hidden inside clothing.

  • Safety Pins

  • Hangers (plastic children's hangers for smaller sizes and wire hangers preferred for larger sizes) Note: Walmart and Dollar Stores have plastic hangers; dry cleaners have wire hangers.

  • Dollar Store Batteries (optional) Battery operated items are more likely to sell if they have batteries in them.

  • Packaging Tape

  • Scissors

  • Zip-Lock Bags (various sizes)

  • Zip Ties (used for shoes)

  • Home Depot Husky Drum Liners (clear bags used for large items)

  • Curling Ribbon

Pricing Guidelines

Depending on brand name and condition, items should be priced 25-35% of retail. For example, a $100 item would be priced to sell at $25 -$35.

Items should be priced in 50 cent increments. In other words, nothing should be priced for less than 50 cents and should be divisible by 50 (.50, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, etc.)

Highlight the Price on the tag if you do NOT want the item to sell for half-price on Saturday. Colored Index Cards, Highlighting ANY other part of the tag besides the PRICE, or using a worn out highlighter that does not produce a distinct visual highlight of the price WILL NOT COUNT AS A HIGHLIGHT AND THAT ITEM WILL BE SOLD AT HALF PRICE ON SATURDAY!!

Our Recommendation: We suggest that you do not highlight your tags; rather price items a little higher - chances are they will sell at full price, but if they don't, they will likely sell at half-price which beats it not selling at all! When determining prices, keep in mind that shoppers will be drawn to the non-highlighted tags all day Saturday so be reasonable when determining prices (not too high or too low) as consignment shoppers are looking for bargains! Put yourself in the shopper's shoes and ask yourself - "How much would I pay for this item?" and then price accordingly - 25-35% of retail, depending on brand name and condition is a good rule of thumb.

Tagging Examples and Hanging Instructions

Hang garment so that hanger hook forms a question mark (?)

Secure tag to upper-right side.

Be sure to button all buttons, snap all snaps, tie all bows, zip zippers, and secure matching accessories (hats, bows, socks etc.) to outfits using safety pins or tagging gun.

Hanger Clothing Tag Non-Clothing Tag


We prefer that you use the Tag Template above which is located on the Downloads page as it will automatically show you where to put designated information (consignor number, price, etc.); however, for those who prefer to make their own tags, please refer to the tag examples above and use half of a small index card. Do not use stickers, post-its or other flimsy paper! When attaching tag to clothing, do not insert pin through Consignor Number! All clothing must be placed on hangers except for (socks, bibs, sleepers/onesies, etc.) which should be placed in Zip-Lock bags (tape tag to the inside of the bag). Note: In order to hang sleepers/onesies they must be valued at $3 (minimum). You may group them together in order to reach the minimum price. When tagging clothing, use safety pins (no straight pins!) to secure tag to the upper-right hand side of garment. Note direction of hanger hook - it makes a question mark when item has been properly placed on hanger. If using a professional garment gun, attach tag to clothing label; otherwise, it may put holes in clothing! Be sure to make tag visible after tag has been attached to clothing label. When tagging non-clothing items, use packaging tape to secure tag to item. Do not use scotch or masking tape! If items are in boxes or are placed in Zip-Lock bags, be sure to tape them closed to ensure that all parts remain intact.

The following items require specific hanging or special tagging instructions:

Pants ~ Use two safety pins to attach pants to the top part of the hanger which looks like an upside down "V". Displaying in this manner will secure pants and keep safety pins from sliding on the horizontal part of the hanger.

Strapey Shirts ~ Use pins to secure these shirts (and any others) that just won't stay on the hanger.

Baby Blankets (not comforters) ~ fold them over the bottom part of the hanger and secure with safety pins. Baby Carriers and Diaper Bags ~ Use Zip-Ties to secure them to hangers.

Large Items with Multi-Pieces ~ Example: If you have three items being sold as a set, make three identical tags, but then write "1 of 3" on one tag; "2 of 3" on another tag; and "3 of 3" on the last tag.

Unacceptable Items!

We will not accept clothing that is torn, worn, stained, has missing buttons or broken zippers; nor will we accept non-clothing items that are dirty, non-working and have missing pieces. Also, we will not allow any R rated movies or questionable items.

Women's Adult Clothing

Out-of-season Clothing (unless brand new with original tags)

Heavily Worn Shoes

Drop-Side Cribs

Expired Car Seats (If no expiration date is given, car seats expire six years from the date of manufacture.)

Food Items

Dated Bedding

Stuffed Animals (unless they talk or are interactive)

Nursing Bras and Underwear/Panties

Non-Working Electronic Items. It is very important that you TEST any electronic items before putting them in the Sale. If they do not work, Do not bring them! Also, check the battery compartment of any electronic items to verify that there are no leaking/corroded batteries.

Acceptable Items

Seasonal Top Quality Clothing

Girls: Preemie through Size 16 AND Jr. Sizes

Boys: Preemie through Size 20 AND x-small through x-large sizes AND Waist Sizes

Maternity: x-small through x-large in-style, gently used maternity and nursing clothing.

If clothing size is expressed in pounds convert to corresponding size:

Conversion Chart
Pounds Size
Up to 12 0-3 Months
12-18 6 Months
18-22 9 Months
22-26 12 Months
26-29 18 Months
29-32 24 Months


Effective Fall/Winter 2017

Due to many months of warm weather in Georgia, we will now accept shorts and T-shirts at both sales; however, we will NOT accept strapless/strapey shirts or any summer themed T-shirts at the Fall/Winter events.

Spring & Summer clothing will be accepted for the Spring Sale and Fall & Winter clothing will be accepted for the Fall Sale. Blue Jeans, Khakis and White long pants, as well as light weight slacks and Capri/Crop pants will be accepted at both Sales. We will also accept short sleeve shirts at both Sales (sleeveless - summer only). If a garment has an out-of-season theme, save it for the next Sale. Exception: All seasons will be accepted for Brand New Clothing with original tags

Shoes must be in excellent/like new condition and must be placed in Zip-Lock bags or zip-tied together (zip-tied preferred).

Baby Equipment
Strollers (including Jogging & Umbrella), High Chairs, Gates, Pack 'n Plays, Bouncy Seats, Exersaucers, Car Seats & Carriers, Swings, etc.

Nursery Furniture
Cribs, Cradles/Bassinettes, Toddler Beds, Changing Tables, Dressers/Chest of Drawers, Book Shelves, Hampers, Etc.

Bedding Ensembles & Accessories
Quilts, Blankets, Mobiles, Lamps, Wall Hangings/Pictures, Etc.

Bathing Essentials
Bath Toys, Faucet Covers, Hooded Towels and Bath Tubs & Seats - Must be in excellent condition!

Potty Chairs & Diaper Disposal Systems
Must be odor-free and in excellent condition!

Nursery Décor

Large Indoor Toys & Equipment
Exersaucers, Bouncy Seats, Jumpers, Rocking Horses, Kitchenettes, Activity Tables, Toy Boxes, Tables & Chairs, Etc.

Large Outdoor Toys & Equipment
Play Gyms & Houses, Slides, Scooter Cars & Trucks, Tricycles & Bicycles, Slides & Swing Sets, Wagons, Etc.

Battery Operated Items
Battery operated items are more likely to sell if they have batteries in them (optional). Please test battery operated items to be certain that they work and state on the tag that they do (along with the required size and number of batteries). Also, old batteries will corrode so make sure that there are no corroded batteries!

Dolls & Houses, Action Figures, Legos, Lincoln Logs, Interactive Stuffed Animals, Play Phones, Pull Toys, etc.



If grouping books, list all titles on the tag and place books in Zip-Lock bag or secure well with curling ribbon.

Hats, Belts, Gloves, Hair Accessories, and Purses

Fun in the Sun
Swim Suits & Cover-Ups; Goggles & Water Toys; Sandboxes and Picnic Tables

Sports Equipment
Baseball Gear, Basketball Hoops & Balls; Bike Carriers & Trailers; Skateboards & Roller Skates

Halloween & Year-round Dress-Up

Coats & Jackets

Uniforms (School, Scouts & Sports)

Rocking/Gliding Chairs

Maternity Related Items
Clothing, Breast Pumps, Nursing Pillows and Books

Exercise Equipment

Educational Items

Safety Related Items
Baby Monitors, Bed Rails, Safety Gates, Door Knob Covers & Cabinet Latches, Fireplace Bumper Guard, etc.

Small Electronics
Toddler/Child TV Systems; Wii, X-Box, Play Station, Karaoke Systems Videos, DVD's, CD's, Games (Please check to make sure that the title on these items match the title on the case and tape them closed.) Clocks and others electronic that entertain/serve a purpose.

Dorm Décor
Rugs, Lamps, Clocks, Bookshelves, Closet Organizers, Bedding (x-long), Small Refrigerators, Microwaves, Crockpots, Toasters and anything "dorm" related will be accepted!

Miscellaneous Items
Wipe Warmers
Night Lights
Shopping Cart Handle Cover
Sleeping Bags

Large Item Bulletin Board - You may list anything! (not limited to child related items!)
If you have items that are too large to bring to the Sale we encourage you to post them on our bulletin board at the sale. On a standard sheet of paper, compose an ad, but do not include name or contact information; rather, design the ad as you would any other item being placed in the Sale. Be sure to Include: Consignor number, price, description, photo (optional, but preferred).

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