Please download the following forms and use them when preparing your items for the Sale. We now require that you submit your list of "Items $10 and Higher" online. Paper copies of this form will no longer be accepted.

Effective Spring/Summer 2013, Consignors are no longer required to submit a hardcopy Consignor Agreement. Instead, at check-in, you will be asked a few questions and a signature will be required. Please submit the "Items $10 or Higher" form online. Bring to dropoff (2) self-addressed stamped envelopes (business size only #10 - small or odd size envelopes will not be accepted).

Items $10 or Higher Form

Online Form

Tag Template
Word Document

PDF Document

Please print tags on white *cardstock.

*Cardstock is a heavy weight paper similar to an index card. This type of paper does not work well with all printers. If it is not compatible with your printer you may take a copy of the "Tag Template" to an office supply store and have copies made.

Note: We prefer that you use the Tag Template; however, half of a small index card may be used to make a tag.

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