Consignor Terms and Conditions

By registering as a Consignor with Consigning Closets you agree to the following
Terms and Conditions:

  • Neither Consigning Closets nor the owners of the host facility (SonRise Baptist Church) are responsible for any loss or damage to, or theft of merchandise occurring at any time before, during, or after the Sale for which you are registering. Consignor agrees to hold Consigning Closets, the facility host, and any Consigning Closets staff members or volunteers, harmless and exempt from any and all liability associated with the conduct of, and/or the Consignor's participation in the Consignment Sale.

  • Consignor is solely responsible for ensuring that consigned items have not been recalled by any agency.

  • Consignor Numbers are determined by Consigning Closets to conform to our data collection standards. Consigning Closets will work with a Consignor to the extent possible if registrant desires a specific number but registering consignor agrees that Consigning Closets makes the final decision about what Consignor number will be issued. The only way to ensure that you keep the same number from one Consigning Closets Sale to the next is to pre-register by indicating so at check-in and providing a signature.

  • Consigning Closets reserves the right to remove any item from the Sale at any time due to excessive wear, staining, poor condition, wrong season, improper tagging, or any other reason that, in the sole opinion of Consigning Closets, makes said item inappropriate for inclusion in the Sale.

  • Consignor agrees that Consigning Closets is not responsible for items failing to sell or not being credited to Consignor sales totals due to missing tags, illegible tags, tags with no Consignor number, or an incorrect Consignor number. Items presented at checkout with a tag containing the Consignor number but without a price will be credited to the Consignor at a price determined at checkout by Consigning Closets and agreed to by the purchaser. Consignor agrees to not place ANY OTHER NUMBERS besides Consignor #, Price, and Size on the tag. Consignor agrees that, if their tags contain any other numbers, including seller or item numbers from other sales, Consigning Closets has no liability for items failing to be credited/paid to their Consigning Closets Consignor Number.

  • Consignor agrees that Consigning Closets makes no guarantees concerning the amount or level of sales of items placed in the Sale and that Consigning Closets has no liability for consignor's items failing to sell.

  • Consignor agrees that any items placed in the Sale whose tag contains a price that IS NOT HIGHLIGHTED will be sold at HALF of the marked price during the "Half-Price Sale" portion of the Consignment Sale. A Highlighted price means that the numbers that make up the price are highlighted. A mark anywhere else on the tag will NOT be considered a highlighted tag and will be sold at half price during the Half-Price Sale. A tag that is made of colored paper will NOT be considered a highlighted tag. If a colored tag is used and the highlight color is the same or similar color the item will NOT be considered highlighted (highlighted price must be a substantial contrast to the tag color and easily seen). The hours of the Half-Price Sale will be determined by Consigning Closets and are subject to change at the sole discretion of Consigning Closets.

  • Consignor agrees that by consigning their items, Consigning Closets has the right to hold and offer their items for sale from the time they are dropped off at check-in until 4PM on Saturday of the Sale. Consignor further agrees that they will not remove their consigned items from the Sale prior to 4:30PM on Saturday of the Sale.

  • Consignor agrees that any items that have not been picked up by 6:30 PM on the final day of the Sale will become the property of Consigning Closets. Consigning Closets attempts to donate all items remaining after 6:30PM on Saturday to various local charities, however, due to the fact that the number of remaining items is often greater than the charities are willing or able to take, Consigning Closets reserves the right to dispose of any remaining items in any way that we deem appropriate, including, but not limited to, a Sale of these items after the end of Consignor pickup. Consignor agrees that if any of their unclaimed items are sold in an after-sale sale they will not receive credit/payment for those sold items.

  • Consigning Closets is not a charity; therefore, tax receipts are not available from us. If a Consignor wishes to receive a tax receipt for their donated items they will need to pickup their items by 6:30 PM on the final day of the Sale and personally donate them to a charitable organization of their choice. Consigning Closets makes mass donations of unclaimed items. As a result, it is not possible to determine the number of items that each individual Consignor donated.

  • Consignor agrees that Consigning Closets will make payment for sold items in the amount of 70% of the selling price; or 60% of the selling price in the case of Consignors using the Wednesday "Drop-n-Dash" option; or 50% of the selling price if using the Thursday "Drop-n-Dash" option OR late drop-off arrival (after 4pm), minus any elective fees such as pre-registration fees for the next Sale. Consignor agrees that $1.50 will be deducted from earnings if Consignor fails to provide, at time of drop-off, two (2) self-addressed stamped #10 business size envelopes - small or odd size envelopes will not be accepted.

  • Consignor agrees that the above calculated payment will be mailed by Consigning Closets, in the form of a check, no later than three (3) weeks from the last day of the Sale, to the address provided by Consignor on the self-addressed stamped envelope provided at drop-off; or in the event that no envelope was provided, the address submitted during online registration, if Consignor registered online, OR, in the case of a Consignor who registered by pre-registration at the previous Sale, the address Consigning Closets has on file. Consignor is responsible for providing Consigning Closets with a current/updated address. Consigning Closets is not responsible for late, lost, or misdirected mail if Consignor provided a self addressed stamped envelope. If payment was mailed in Consignor provided envelope, no replacement check will be issued earlier than 4 weeks after the mailing date. A replacement check will be issued and mailed earlier than this IF Consignor agrees to pay, or have deducted from check, a $30 stop-payment fee for original (late/lost) check.

  • Consignor agrees that no breakdown or inventory of items sold by item description will be available after the Sale. Upon request, and no earlier than 3 weeks from the last day of the Sale, a listing of items sold will be provided, via email only. Such listing will only include a listing of individual prices of the Consignor's items as recorded at checkout. No further description of the sold items is possible since we do not require an inventory of items submitted for sale and only collect Consignor Number and Price for each item at checkout.

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